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Empowerment of Woman

WHEN A WOMAN RISES UP IN ALL HER GLORY, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious. Inside every woman is a glorious being, full of integrity and joy, overflowing with love. As women, this is where we shine. We don’t have to do anything to be glorious; to be so is our nature. If when we have loved and lived and thought and felt as deeply as we could, if our bodies are instruments of love, given and received, then we are the greatest blessing in the world.Having positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts is beneficial to you. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts more negative.


Self Esteem

We are each born into this world with unique gifts. Within us is a glimmer of the divine, a light that can potentially make the world a more beautiful place. But in many, that light lies dormant, snuffed out by fears and feelings of inadequacy. To spark it is to attract attention, face the possibility of rejection or the responsibility of success, and risk being labelled immodest. Yet when we undermine the light by hiding our aptitudes and quashing our dreams, we deny ourselves and others a wealth of experiences. Your abilities are a part of who you are and when you take pride in them, you affirm the love, esteem, and trust with which you view yourself.

Moreover, as you express the light within, you grant others permission to do the same, freeing them to explore their own talents.

For some, we are taught to hide our light from the world since childhood. Relatives caution us that the professions associated with our aptitudes are unattainable. Our peers may be envious of our skills and thus overly critical of the activities we instinctively enjoy.

And authority figures admonish us to be humble and avoid showing off. But there is a vast chasm that separates those who let their light shine and those who seek only to draw attention to themselves. When you dare to share your light with the world, the beauty and perfection of your soul become clearly visible. You become a whole being—the literal embodiment of your vast potential. Whether you are a wonderful dancer, a first-rate cook, quick with numbers, or a natural negotiator, you’ll come to understand that you do the world no favours when you hold yourself back.

If you have hidden your light for so long that it has shrunk to an ember, make a list of everything you do well, however impractical, silly, or seemingly inconsequential. Then ask yourself how you can positively utilise those abilities in your daily life. The gifts you were born with were not granted to you arbitrarily. While you may never discover what impact your light has had on others, you can be certain that when you embrace your talents and share them with others, you will spread illumination in the world.

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled.
The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out!


Chakra Balancing

The chakras are energy centres that function like data banks in your body. Each perception of your life is stored in one of the chakras. For example, fear and anger are stored in your third chakra and immune problems are stored in your first chakra. The chakras are associated with the organs in that same area of the body. In order for the organs to function properly, the chakras need to be balanced.

Below you will find seven chakras with their correlations. Look for areas you currently feel out of balance. If you need some help in achieving balance, please call emaile for a session.
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The first chakra is correlated to survival.
The second chakra is attached to the physical power, sexuality.
The third chakra is the seat of self empowerment.
The fourth chakra is the area of love.
The fifth chakra is the area of will, communication.
The sixth chakra is the intuitive mind.
The seventh chakra correlate with oneness, union.



Find out your ruling number and how using this number will change your life choices. Find out what year you are in as the years all hold their own issues and solutions, make your life run smoother and less like a rollercoaster. Knowing your personal numbers helps you make decission and have more control over your life. Find out your lucky numbers.

Energy Work

Learn to direct your energy and centre yourself to create a better environment for a healthy and happy life.
"If you continually give, you will continually have!"


Personality types - a journey of self discovery. Are you an enabler or helper to others?
Find out your type and how live with or change it.

Inner Child

Recognise and heal your childhood hurts - clear those childhood blockages and live a more empowered life to make better choices for your future.


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